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Take a step back and think about it!

I’ve got something on my heart that I felt the need to share with you guys.

Earlier this week on my way to uni something unexpectedly happened and made me ask myself why I’ve never took notice of it in such a way as of now. Let me tell you what happened exactly.

I was about to get onto the train with my headphones on, music so loud that even drowned my thoughts and hardly let me pay attention to my surroundings. That’s when my batterie died, it all became quiet and I didn’t have my device to distract me anymore. I took my headphones off, put my phone away and started to take in my surroundings that Im exposed to on a daily base. 

A wave of sadness and pity came over me because it was SO quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I know we all love a peaceful morning for ourselves and wake up with our tea or coffee in our hand. But this was different. People weren’t silently watching the passing buildings and enjoying their quiet morning ride, no, people were silent because nobody led conversations. Almost as if it was a shame to be talking to the person next to you or even take a glance around you without it being weird. Its hard to describe what I mean exactly but I’m sure at least one of you had similar thoughts and know what I mean.
Every single head was tilted downwards directed onto their phones, apart from an elderly couple, as if there’s nothing more important than what’s on it right now. There could’ve been a clown jiggling with puppies walking through the tram and no one would have noticed. No friendly smiles were shared that could brighten up someone’s day.
I’m not saying I am any different, in fact I know I’m not but I want to change that and interact with people more frequently again. Let it be a weak smile or a simple “good morning” but at least it does something to people.

We need to focus more on life and what’s happening right in front of our eyes rather than being consumed by that little device in our hand that might even bring us more damage than imagine. I’m not saying you should stop listening to your music or don’t respond to any of your texts anymore, no, just limit your time doing that and tilt your head up instead and observe, smile, lead conversations – Interact with people!

I know this blogpost is different to the others but I felt the need to share my thought on that topic with you and hope you will think about it the next time you step outside.